Center Parcs Longford Forest Accommodation

Case Study | Center Parcs Longford Forest

Center Parcs Longford Forest Accommodation

The Brief

Center Parcs Longford Forest is the first Centre Parcs to be built in Ireland. Just a 90 minute drive from Dublin airport, it boasts Ireland’s biggest ever water park, 470 lodges and 30 apartments on over 400 acres of woodland. 

We were delighted to be approached to design a number of bespoke fittings, following our very exciting ‘preferred supplier’ approval (by Center Parcs) in July 2019, for Centre Parcs exterior lighting needs across all UK sites.

The Solution 

We worked with the various teams involved in the project to design a bespoke solution – exterior luminaires, finished in Green RAL6012 on FSC certified wood columns and bollard lighting. Both in a 4000k CCT. We tailored the design to achieve minimal light pollution. All luminaires are Dark Sky compliant, meaning that they minimize glare while reducing light trespass and skyglow – an important consideration for this location of immense natural beauty and an ecologically sensitive site.

The contract will be split into 3 phases:

  1. Infrastructure (where we partnered with SSE)
  2. The centre buildings (we worked with King & Moffatt)
  3. The lodges (we worked with O’Neill Mechanical & Electrical Services)

The lodges additionally feature an IP65 300mm² aluminium illuminated sign, with opal diffuser, to identify the lodge numbers and help guide holidaymakers to the right accommodation.