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Five Things to Remember When Lighting with LED Wall Packs

Who doesn’t love a good old LED wall pack (also known as a wall luminaire)? We often see them on the outside facing walls of buildings; used for perimeter lighting and to illuminate areas used by vehicles and pedestrians.

Due to their efficiency, they are fantastic for security lighting and emergency lighting where light is needed for long periods. Today they also offer a choice of precise optics to control spill light in environmentally sensitive locations.

A robust construction from die-cast Aluminium makes them a durable option, armed to withstand most weather conditions, making them ideal for harsh environments. 

Wall packs can also be used in conjunction with smart control and (PIR) sensors for light when needed (when movement is detected), providing further energy savings. 

Could we sing their praises any further? LED wall packs are an excellent choice for just about any commercial or industrial building surround.

Now you are sold on an LED wall pack for your project, here are five things to remember when designing your scheme: 


3m is the typical mounting height for wall packs, however, they often appear at anything up to 6m – but beware of possible obstructions. 


Linked to the above point. You should install your wall packs in a position with minimum negative impact on the environment. The target is a ULOR of 0% for sensitive locations, and generally, we want to aim for zero spill light and keep glare to a minimum. 


Is your wall pack for guidance or security? Consider the appropriate light levels and spacing. Regulations are subjective and can be interpreted to meet the requirements for the lighting task.


What’s around you? Choose a sympathetic colour temperature to both users of the space and the surrounding location (considering wildlife, flora, and fauna). We recommend 4000K or lower.


Easier to reach than most lighting products, wall packs can be targets for vandalism. Be sure to specify a product with an appropriate IK rating for its location; we recommend a minimum IK08.

If you need any further help designing your LED wall pack scheme, please contact the team, or for guidance on product selection, look at our recommendations below.

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Riva LED wall light fitting
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