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Mini Martin Tooless LED Light Fixture
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If you love the minimalist die-cast aluminium design of our Micro Martin, but need something a bit brighter, Mini Martin is up for the challenge! Reaching brightness up to 11200 lm, Mini Martin has proved itself among the cloudy landscapes of Iceland, the stormy streets of Israel, and even the official hometown of Santa Claus on the Arctic Circle – Rovaniemi, Finland.  Sturdy and powerful, easy to install, even easier to maintain: there is an optional enclosure for tool-less opening. Like many VIZULO products, Mini Martin offers broad customization options: different drivers, optics, sockets (Zhaga/NEMA), reflectors, and connectors. Let us know what you need – and we can assemble the perfect Mini Martin for your project!



LED light casing colour options


Other optics are available; see datasheet
L35 Lighting Optic

TM66 CEAM-Make Results

Category Points Scored Max Points Possible Assessment
Overall Performance 160.0 247.5 2.2

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