Stork Little Brother

Stork Little Brother LED Light Fixture
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Minimalist design that won’t make you choose between function, form, and versatility. You can have it all. But don’t let the elegant and discreet look fool you – our Stork Little Brother can handle even the harshest conditions. Limitless configuration options, vandal protection, quick installation, and easy maintenance – that’s what makes this luminaire a desirable addition to all kinds of environments. Busy urban roads and business centers, residential areas, parks, even agricultural hubs – Stork Little Brother will fit in as if it was always there.



LED light casing colour options


Other optics are available; see datasheet
L35 Lighting Optic

TM66 CEAM-Make Results

Category Points Scored Max Points Possible Assessment
Overall Performance 160.0 247.5 2.2

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